elcome to my personal website. I really appreciate you stopping by, be sure to check my debut solo album!
You can find a few of the tunes from my album in

the player below, skip between the tracks to listen to different tunes.

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The 8th this month the exclusive track made spesificially for Rock Band
was released via their network as a downloadable tune in their critically appraised
game! Check out UNBOUND SOUL!!! A ripping power metal tune featuring hard
licks and solo parts for the people looking for a challenge!

Link with information ''here''

''The Tablets of Gilgamesh'' is hereby PHYSICALLY released at CDbaby.
Buy the album ''here''. The album sales are going really well, hope all of
you read the story of the album when you experience music.
Thanks to all of you supporters!

''The Tablets of Gilgamesh'' is hereby digitally released at CDbaby.
Buy the album ''here''. Hope you enjoy the music and read the story
that is written on the pages in the download section!

Gilgamesh is released and ready to roar!